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Amsterdam energy costs

Average cost of gas, electricity and water

Posted: 23th December 2022 by James Evans


Amsterdam Energy and Water

Your expenditure on energy and water are monthly recurring costs, also known as fixed costs. What are the average costs of gas, water and electricity? And how can you save on it?

City Centre Retreat has figures for the average expenditure of households for gas, water and electricity. This is useful if you are moving or want to make a budget. You can see what costs are incurred by households similar to yours.

Did you know?

53.000 litre's of water is used on average per person per year in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam Gas Consumption

Gas is often needed to heat the house. Water is also often heated with gas and you need gas if you have a gas stove. How much gas you use depends mainly on the type of home you live in. The number of people matters less for gas consumption. The monthly gas costs consist of gas consumption and costs for using the meter. You pay an advance that is calculated on the basis of your consumption of the previous year. Everything is calculated with the VAT rate of 9 percent.

Gas Consumption and Costs per Month
Housing Type Average Consumption per Year (m3) Costs per Month (€)
Flat 800 237
Terraced House 1,120 324
Corner House 1,330 381
2 Under 1 Roof 1,550 441
Detached 2,050 576
Average All Homes 1,190 343

*With an average gas rate (September 2022 rate) of €3.26 per m3 and an average fixed charge of €19.82 per month (including 9 percent VAT). Rounded amounts Source: Milieu Centraal and CBS (calculation Nibud, 2022).

Electricity Usage

The electricity consumption is mainly dependent on the number of people in your house. The average use for all households is almost 2,930 kWh per year. The average consumption and the monthly amounts per household can be found in the table below. The costs are, of course, closely related to the electrical appliances you use and how economical they are.

We pay energy tax in the Netherlands per kWh consumed (electricity) and per cubic meter (gas). Each household receives a part of this in the form of a tax credit. This amount is deducted from the energy bill. Usually this happens with the annual electricity bill. For 2019 this is 373.33 euros.

Electricity Costs
Number of Persons in Household Average Consumption per Year (kWh) Costs per Month (€)
1 1,800 71
2 2,810 132
3 3,370 165
4 3,940 199
5 or more 4,270 219
Average per Household 2,760 129

*With an average electricity rate (September 2022 rate) of 71.73 euro cents per kWh and a fixed charge of € 25.50 per month and a tax reduction of € 742.98 (all including 9 percent VAT). Rounded amounts. Source: Milieu Centraal and CBS (calculation Nibud, 2022).

Water Usage

The water consumption also depends on the number of people living in the house. A third of the water goes to showering and bathing . The rest usuallygoes to washing clothes, toilet usage, and cooking.

Water Consumption
Number of Persons in Household Average Consumption per Year (m3) Costs per Month (€)
1 46 10
2 93 15
3 135 19
4 163 22
5 184 24

*Calculated with an average rate of €1.21 per m3 and an average fixed fee of €68.92 per year (all including 9 percent VAT). Rounded amounts. Source: Vewin (calculation Nibud, 2022).

Green electricity or green gas

Most energy companies also offer green electricity. This flow has been generated in a clean way. For example, by the wind, sun or water. With this method of generation, much less or no harmful CO2 is emitted. With some energy companies, green electricity is slightly cheaper than regular electricity. For other companies, green electricity is actually more expensive. You can also choose green gas. The environment is also less taxed.

Green energy

Tip: On the internet you can compare prices of green electricity and green gas with other electricity and gas prices. You can find independent advice on these comparison sites at . You can also go here if you want to switch to another energy company .

Save on gas and electricity

If you use your electrical appliances and heating smartly, you can save a lot on the energy bill.

Government Support

In December 2022, the Dutch government announced compensation and support measure to help resident cope with the energy cost increases. You can find more information about this here.

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