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Ready to live rentals for 2 - 12 months

Amsterdam Serviced Apartments

Easy booking process | Utilities & fast Wi-Fi included | All verified & managed by City Centre Retreat | Friendly and flexible rental agreements

About City Centre Retreat

We focus simply on delivering quality temporary serviced accommodation in Amserdam. Offering a range of private apartments with self-contained kitchens & washing facilities for monthly rentals to the corporate market. We make it as easy as it is possible with all the Amsterdam bureaucracy, to search, book, relocate, move into and register at your serviced apartments with high speed Wi-Fi, full furnishing, insurance, bills & flexible cancellations included. All Physically Verified & Managed by City Centre Retreat B.V.

Monthly Rentals Amsterdam

Quickly find ready to live homes that are fully equiped and furnished, available for flexible stays of 2 - 12 months with utilities & Wi-Fi included.

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We work with business travelers, companies and corporate clients looking  for monthly serviced accommodation in Amsterdam. Our team aims to provide beautiful, well-maintained properties as serviced accommodations to clients travelling on business for an average of four months. We act as property managers; finding candidates, writing flexible tenancy agreements, carrying out check-in and checkout reports, looking after the property, taking care of all the day-to-day needs, and ensuring rents and deposits are paid. All this to provide both owners and tenants with a hassle-free experience from start to finish. y to live or we buy what you need

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Address: City Center Retreats BV, Haarlemmerweg 331-333 (A), 1051 LH, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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