Amsterdam Serviced Accommodation

Beautifully fully furnished homes in Amsterdam available for periods of 1-24 months.

Flexible rental agreements for temporary apartments in Amsterdam with utilities and Wi-Fi included.

Property Owners

Video explains the process of finding candidate options and delivering serviced accommodation.

Temporary Accommodation

Video explains how to search and find temporary accommodation in Amsterdam with City Centre Retreat.

Create your listing now and rent your property to the corporate market.

Amsterdam Fully Furnished Apartments

Maintaining accommodation and delivering beautiful, well-loved temporary homes with all utilities and Wi-Fi included.

Serviced Apartment Expectations

Rent one of our corporate properties in Amsterdam: find out what you can expect from you accommodation upon arrival

Renting My Property To Companies

Find out the benefits of renting your property to the business market and see if your property qualifies

Amsterdam Property Management

To manage fully furnished properties in Amsterdam, with stress-free flexible agreements for temporary accommodation

What We Do

City Centre Retreat are based in Amsterdam and focuses on temporary servicedaccommodation, offering a range of serviced apartments with self-contained kitchens & washing facilities for monthly rentals to the corporate market. We make it as easy as possible with Wi-Fi, insurance, bills & flexible cancelations included.

We work with and attract business travelers, companies and corporate clients as tenants for accommodation in Amsterdam. Our team aims to provide beautiful, well-maintained properies as serviced accommodation to clients travelling on business for an average of 3 months. We act as property managers; finding candidates, writing flexible tenancy agreements, carrying out checkin and checkout reports,looking after the property, taking care of all the day-to-day, and ensuring rents and deposits are paid. All this to provide you with a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Where To Find Us

De Wittenkade 156-H, Amsterdam, 1051AN, Noord-Holland, Netherlands


Contact: +31 8 50 02 42 01 


Amsterdam Rentals 2021

Find out how the the cost of rent in Amsterdam is changing in 2021

Amsterdam Utility Costs

Rent Valuation

Receive a free valuation of rent income for your property in Amsterdam

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COVID-19 Safe Accommodation

What COVID safety precautions have been implemented

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De Wittenkade 156, Amsterdam, 1051AN, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

+31 8 50 02 42 01 


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