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Low rates & lots of benefits

At City Centre Retreat you can choose from a large number of energy suppliers, including Vattenfall , Essent , Eneco ,  Delta , ENGIE, GreenNL and GreenChoice . When choosing an energy supplier, you go for the difference in off-peak and peak rates, reliability, sustainability and whether you opt for green energy.

 Which supplier and which type of contract best suits your lifestyle and family situation?


The best choice

Finding the best and cheapest energy contract can be difficult. City Centre Retreat helps you.

We compare suppliers and choose the best contract based on your personal situation, contract duration, rates and benefit. When your contract ends, we will contact you and together we will see if there are better and cheaper options.


Smooth switching

Switching from one energy supplier to another can be a lot of work. Do you want to switch smoothly? Leave it to City Centre Retreat. No danger of running out of energy and no unexpected surprises.

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