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Understanding Amsterdam Residential Bills


-When you register at your rental in the Netherlands, you may receive two personal residential taxes, water cleaning and drainage (waterschapsbelasting) and waiste collection (Afvalstoffenheffing).

-They usually charge you for 12 months; you must claim it back if you only stay for part of the year.

-Depending on your circumstances, you may qualify to be exempt from some or all of these taxes.

-To learn more, don't hesitate to contact them directly at: 

  • WaterNet (waterschapsbelasting) : +31 889 39 4000
  • Gemeente Amsterdam (Afvalstoffenheffing) : +31 20 624 1111

-Please also make sure that you de-register when you leave the property and will get a rebate. 

1. Afvalstoffenheffing 

Afvalstoffenheffing translates to the 'Waste Levy'. What is waste levy? This is a residential tax related to the costs of collecting and processing household waste. This is paid by the municipality from the waste levy . The amount you have to pay in waste collection charges depends on your personal circumstance. The waste levy is part of the combined assessment.

2. Water Assessment Bill

Every resident pays for water authority tax not related to the property. You receive your water authority tax assessment once a year usually in January.

This tax helps the Public Water Authority Amstel, Gooi and Vecht to manage the water cycle. Waternet have a webite that helps you to understand your assessment. This bill is usually sent to the person who has been registered at the address the longest.

This bill covers the costs of 3 operations:

  • Water system charge
  • Water treatment charge
  • Pollution charge

You can find more information from this very useful English page: Water Authority Tax.

You may be eligible for remission of your water authority tax. Apply here to request remission

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