By allowing homeowners to do the viewings, we can avoid many of the normal agency fees which are typically experienced with Amsterdam estate agents.,

We charge 0.6% + BTW on the sale price

No cure No pay

We have a 4-step plan to sell your property. 

  • We view the accommodation, make the appraisal report, provide asking price advice and discuss the sale's strategy
  • Draft measurement reports and professional photo shoots and initiate marketing
  • You do the viewings
  • We do the negotiations, take care of the legal matters, the notary preparations, the sales contract and we make sure the correct processes is followed

We are convinced that you as the seller know your home, your neighborhood and your neighbors the best. You can show the property with the conviction and enthusiasm required and answer all their urgent questions right away. You can schedule viewings directly with interested parties so they don't have to wait until the broker makes an appointment during office hours. You can receive viewers in the evening or at the weekend and you do not have to leave your house.

We employ professional photographers who are happy to help you.

Because you are actively involved in the sale, namely doing the viewings, this makes a significant difference in the fees. You take all the time to guide the viewers and we have plenty of time to focus on the legal issues and ultimately the negotiations. As a result can save thousands of euros than at your usual broker in Amsterdam. When we sell a property we charge 0.6% + BTW.

So do you want your house to be prominent on funda, the quality of an CCE broker, actively involved in selling your property and saving thousands of euros in brokerage costs? Then CCE is the right choice for the sale of your home in Amsterdam. 

History: brokers in Amsterdam

Originally, 'brokers' in Amsterdam did not sell houses at all, but they were active in the stacking market in the trade of 'movable' goods, such as nutrients from distant countries. 
In 1578 the first real estate guild was established in Amsterdam and from the 16th century the profession of broker grew enormously.

Through the (stock exchange) brokers on the Amsterdam stock exchange, the term in daily use is mainly related to the trade in real estate, although brokers can also mediate in other transactions.

Who is looking for a broker in Amsterdam for the sale of a house, can go to countless established real estate companies, which generally have a similar approach. Brokerage costs can increase enormously, especially with more expensive buildings in Amsterdam, because they are based on a percentage of the sales price. Our method differs from traditional brokerage and saves you thousands of euros in brokerage. When selling your house in Amsterdam via CCE you pay a fixed low rate 0.6% + BTW. Contact Us Now 

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CCE Head Office Keizersgracht 23, Amsterdam, 1015CD, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

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