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Owner Terms & Conditions

Corporate Rentals with City Centre Retreat


The Summary

-Property owners or their authorized representatives may be able to list their properties for rent with City Centre Retreats (CCR).
-CCR can find candidate options, setup a temporary tenancy agreement, guarantee rental payments, manage all operations , property inspections, cleaning and maintenance.
-CCR charges a 20% commission fee on monthly rental income if a candidate is approved, but no fee is charged if no candidate is approved. CCR also collect a deposit from the tenant to cover potential damages .

Listing Properties to the City Centre Retreats network

Owners must confirm that they are the legal owner or are someone who has legal consent from the owner to represent them in the rent & management of the said property and is hereafter to be called the ‘owner’ for the benefit of the terms and conditions below.

1. Introduction of Candidate Options

1.1 CCR will review the said property based upon pictures and descriptions provided. We will conlude if it would or could qulaify for secived accommodation based upon our standards shown here, and provide a rental valuation we feel can be achieved. We will advise the owner if the said property is suitable for serviced accommodation and any requirements necessary to achieve the optimum rent. We will base our valuation on comparable evidence and can provide this evidence upon request. Owners can view our company apartment standard requirements here.
1.2 Having found a prospective client, CCR will aquire the important details (who will stay, pets, smokers, children, reason for stay, employer) and apply for the necessary financial and personal references to determine the client's suitability. Once we have obtained satisfactory references, we will require the owner's approval and acceptance for the tenancy based on the client's details, dates and the rental rate.
1.3 If the owner approves a candidate, the owner authorises CCR to enter into a ‘temporary’ tenancy agreement with the said client regarding the property.
1.4 At the time of signing the agreement, CCR will collect a month’s non-refundable rent payment from the tenant payable to the owner if the contract is terminated within one calendar month of the check-in date.
1.5 The temporary tenancy agreements can be terminated at any time by the client with one calendar month’s notice.
1.6 A member of the CCR team will then visit the apartment to inspect the property and receive the keys.

2. Management Service

Post ‘1. Introduction of Client Service’, CCR will commence the ‘Management Service’ process as per the following:
2.11 CCR will guarantee rental payments to the owner regardless of if the client pays.
2.11 CCR will advise the client of their obligations to the Tenancy Agreement.
2.12 CCR will compile a detailed inventory report of the property, contents, and condition.  CCR agents will carry out an entire property ‘Check-In’ and ‘Check-out’ report with pictures of the apartment and its contents and inventory while the client is present. At this time, the client will be asked to sign the document confirming the status of the property. CCR will send this document to all parties after that.
2.13 CCR will carry out all roles required to maintain and operate a serviced apartment. You can find the full list of CCR's responsibilities and services here.
2.14 CCR will provide fresh linen and towels for the client's arrival and during their stay.
2.15 CCR will clean the apartment during and after the client's stay.
2.16 CCR will be the point of contact for the client and assist in their needs as they arise.
2.17 CCR will handle any maintenance issues. CCR will attempt to resolve 1st line issues, including problems with heating and electric systems. If a contractor is required, CCR will inform the owner and advise of any repair services deemed or contractually required under the lease.
2.18 CCR will inspect the state and condition of the property as often as may be reasonably necessary. The owner will be informed of the results.  
2.19 Except in the case of emergency, CCRs are to notify the owner of all reasonably necessary works or repair and maintenance of the property. If requested, instruct competent contractors and supervise the result of such contractors. 

3. Agent’s Commission and Management Fees

3.1 If no candidate is approved, then CCR charges the owner no fees for any services.
3.2 Once a candidate is approved, CCR will deduct 20% of the monthly rental income as a fee for the agent services, including finding the client and providing all services stated in sections 1 & 2 of these terms and conditions.
3.2 CCR guarantees owners' rent payments to be made on time, regardless of whether the tenant has paid.
3.3 CCR charges no additional contract or administration fees to the owner or the tenant.
3.4 If the Tenancy is renewed or extended, CCR will be entitled to continue charging fees as per the above.

4. Incorrect Information

4.1 The Owner must confirm that all the information provided is correct to the best of her or his knowledge and belief.

5. Referencing

5.1 All tenants must provide a picture of their ID (passport or driving license), and authorized signatories will be required to sign the tenancy agreement. 
5.2 Companies paying rent in advance may not be credit-referenced, but suitable references will be sought.

6. Access

6.1 Owners will authorize & arrange for CCR to have 3 complete keys for management and client use.

7. The Tenancy Deposit

7.1 CCR will obtain a deposit from the client against cleanliness, damage, unpaid rent or bills, dilapidations, and any other costs or losses incurred as a result of any breach of the terms of the tenancy agreement by the client. The deposit will be held following the terms of the tenancy agreement and Dutch law.

8. Owner’s obligations

8.1 The Owner acknowledges that it is his/her responsibility to ensure that there are no covenants or other restrictions on the Owner in respect of letting the Property. 
8.2 The Owner agrees that if the Property is subject to a mortgage, the Owner will inform the lender accordingly.
8.3 The Owner acknowledges that it is his responsibility to ensure the property and all fixtures and fittings are in good working order and to advise his insurers that the property is being let.
8.4 The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety); The Owner has a legal obligation to ensure that all furniture on the property fully complies with fire safety requirements within the region/country of the property.
8.5 The Electrical Equipment (Safety); The Owner must ensure the safety of electrical appliances, plug sockets, and wiring in the property and that the electrical supply is “safe” and will not cause danger.
8.6 The owner confirms that the furnished apartment offers high-speed Wi-Fi access, and all utilities are included.
8.7 Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Detector. CCR strongly recommends that all Owners install at least a battery-operated smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector on their rental property.  If instructed CCR will order a combined battery-operated device to be installed by a tradesman before the start of a new tenancy at a cost to the Owner. 

9. Termination of this Agreement

9.1 The Owner may terminate this agreement with CCR before a candidate is approved. Once the property is let, the agreement can run its duration, although CCR will work with, and often achieve an earlier date if there is urgency required.

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