Bed & Breakfast rules and regulationsin Amsterdam

Developing and Operating a Bed & Breakfast in Amsterdam

Gemeente rules and regulations

Posted on 2018 by James Evans,

A main occupant registered at a property can use part of the unit for a Bed & Breakfast (B & B). However, a number of conditions apply, for example that you have to report this to the district.

These conditions are:

A main occupant lives at the address and is registered in the Basic Registration of Personal Data (BRP) of the municipality of Amsterdam.

Up to and a maximum of 40% of the total usable area of the home is used for B&B operations. The ‘NEN2580’ is used as a measuring method.

There is up to and a maximum of four sleeping places for four guests for whom is it not required  to provide breakfast for. Fixed bedrooms have to be designated for the guests.

A B&B may only be operated in part of the property. The room where guests stay may not be an independent living space (kitchen or private entrance).

It is not allowed to do both holiday rentals and B & B in the same calendar year at the same address.

The main occupant must operate the B&B and can not continue if they go on holiday.

The main occupant keeps a night register.

The main occupant does not serve alcohol for a fee.

The main occupant reports the start of a B&B in advance to your district.  

Safety comes first for you and your guests. If you comply with the rules of B & B, the rules for ordinary houses apply. You will find tips for setting up your home as fire safe as possible on the website of the fire department. In connection with fire safety, up to four sleeping places may be used for guests. If there are more beds, then the accommodation is considered a hotel and then the (stricter) fire safety requirements for a hotel apply.

Permission from the owner to operate the home as a B & B. As owner you often need permission from, among others, the VvE, the bank and the insurer. 

Legislation and regulations

When breaching the rules, all guest accommodations can be closed and you risk a high fine for every home where the rules have been violated.

A notification from your B & B is not equivalent to consent. The municipality can always carry out an inspection to assess whether you are complying with the rules.

 You pay the proceeds of the room rental:

  • tourist tax
  • income tax.
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