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Posted 17th November 2022 by Danielle Johnson

Why Amsterdam?

Internationals are becoming increasingly interested in moving to Amsterdam on a temporary basis. The city offers the idyllic expat experience with a welcoming and lively atmosphere. Corporations are temporarily moving their employees to support and launch new offices in one of the most economically formidable cities in Europe. Additionally, students are flocking to Amsterdam for an adventurous while manageable study abroad experience as there are endless services to support them in their short-term stay. Unlike many other European cities, it is not necessary to learn the native language to navigate and settle into the city. The large community of internationals helps newcomers integrate seamlessly into the diverse and accepting city culture. Amsterdam also offers reliable public transportation and exceptional cycling paths making it uncomplicated to access the entire city as well as the rest of the country. The city encompasses all the benefits of a large city along with all the charms of a small town.

Challenges of Moving to Amsterdam

Despite the endless attractive qualities of Amsterdam, one of the greatest challenges for expats is navigating the housing shortage. There are many barriers in securing serviced accommodation. New city laws as well as landlords tend to require longer term agreements. Landlords also tend to require proof of a certain income threshold limiting the options for those who are self-employed, digital nomads, and remote employees. The options are also lessened as hotels and Airbnbs are insufficient for anyone who is not a quick-visit-tourist, as they do not offer rental agreements which are required for an expat to be able to register at the municipality and receive a citizen number to give them access to essential services such as banking and identification verification (DigiD). Additionally, many rentals come without furniture and essential appliances forcing an expat to make a large financial investment on a short-term rental. Furthermore, the plethora of scams, rising cost of utilities, and the risk of poor communication with landlords can create an overwhelming and intimidating experience for an international looking for the right temporary accommodation.

Moving to Amsterdam

Reliable Serviced Accommodations in Amsterdam

This is why City Centre Retreat offers fully furnished and completely serviced apartments in Amsterdam with reliable customer service. Those seeking corporate housing and short-term rentals can secure a ready-to-live-in apartment. City Centre Retreat has an extensive inventory of Amsterdam serviced apartments in ideal locations throughout the city and can provide a valid rental agreement to register with the municipality. The rental price for every apartment is inclusive of all bills and the expat housing units are equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi, essential appliances, kitchen utensils, fresh linen and towels, and deep cleaned. Moreover, City Centre Retreat eliminates the stress of communicating with landlords by acting as an efficient and dependable point of contact for any maintenance or other stay related needs. The Amsterdam serviced apartments offered by City Centre Retreat provides all the convenience of a long stay hotel while also providing a homey and spacious temporary accommodation. Whatever reason brings you to the beautiful city of Amsterdam, City Centre Retreat can eliminate the biggest stressor by providing ready-to-live-in corporate housing units. To learn more about what City Centre Retreat offers or the booking process visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or send an email to

City Centre Retreat Guarantee.

The City Centre Retreat Guarantee

Put simply, alll our units are ready to live or we buy what you need for you! All our units are 100% checked and managed by City Centre Retreat. After our meet and greet during checkin, it could be that you discover some items missing like a hair dryer or iron. In this situation, City Centre Retreat will simply buy those missing items for you. Completely ready to live means you will have everything you need there to just move in with your bags and feel at home.

View our City Centre Retreat Guarantee.

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