Rental market in amsterdam 2018

Amsterdam Rental Prices 2018

In Amsterdam, rental prices stabilized around the end of 2016, a rental ceiling seemed to had been achieved. Since the first signs of stabilization, rents have fluctuated slightly between a small increase or decrease. In the last quarter of 2017, the average rent per square meter increased by only 1.4 percent compared to the year earlier of 3.5 percent. 

A stagnation of the rent increase can be seen in Amsterdam at a district level. In expensive areas such as Zuid and Centrum, average rents have risen rapidly in recent years due to their popularity and location. The prices now seem to have reached a stable level: in the second quarter of 2017 prices (Centrum €24.93 per m2 , South €23.67 per m2) only increased by 2.3 and 2, 4 percent. It is not inconceivable that the rents, about €10 per square meter above the national average, go towards a rental price ceiling.

Real estate agencies recognizes the stabilizing trend. The prices in the heart of Amsterdam stabilized because there is a lot of supply in the price category of €1,500 to €3,000. This offer comes largely from private investors or international companies. In addition to the supply that has been added, the lower transaction volume in these areas also ensures stabilization. This lower transaction volume is not expected to remain due to things like Brexit and in fact already there are signs of an increase in demand.

In the neighborhoods on the outskirts of Amsterdam there is still that proverbial stretch where we see free sector rental house. The prices are significantly lower, making the neighborhoods attractive to people on a smaller budget. Take Noord, a so-called upcoming neighborhood on the other side of the IJ. In terms of location not ideal for someone who actually wants to live in the city, but when the budget does not allow it to live in the city it is still an option and the new North-South underground expected to open in June 2018 will be interesting times.  You can also learn more about the rental rates in Amsterdam in 2021 here.

The fact is, that since December 2017,prices in such neighborhoods are rising strongly. Compared to other Amsterdam neighborhoods, they offer a lower price level. The average rental price in Noord (€ 16.98 per m 2 ) has increased by 14.9 percent in the past quarter compared to a year earlier. The prices in Amsterdam Zuidoost are also on the rise (12.3 percent). Where everyone used to avoid the Bijlmer area, the Southeast has now been rediscovered by investors given that is now offers decent and affordable places to live. The average rent (€ 13.76 per m 2 ) rose by 10.1 percent in the past quarter compared to last year 2017.

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