In-house management Barcelona, offers a bespoke property management solution for all types of property: residential, commercial or block

Barcelona Property management 

My Property Managed

  • Optimization of the management costs of the house
  • Creation of a perspective
  • Control of operating costs including any adjustment
  • Creation of the annual statement until 31.3.
  • Settlement of all payments relating to the property
  • Monitoring the adequacy of existing insurance coverage
  • Settlement of insurance damages
  • Regular inspection and inspection of the state of preservation of the house
  • Obtaining cost estimates, contracting and audit for conservation and improvement work
  • Conclusion, extension, control and billing of care, maintenance and service contracts
  • Holding house meetings

The services that we would like to present to you in the following differ - as we believe - very much from our competitors.

Property management services

Test us as a property manager! We offer you the opportunity to test our services for one year and to get to know our company. The trial year starts immediately after taking over the administration with an owner's meeting organized and run by us, in which all wishes, concerns and ideas of the owners are discussed and the personal support team of the house is presented. At the end of the first year, we hold a second meeting to report on the work done and to conduct a survey of satisfaction among the homeowners present. If there is no majority for continued employment, the mandate will be terminated by us, without charging a transfer fee and without the need for termination by the homeowner community.

Your advantages:

  • All current and important documents always available online
  • It is not easy to judge a property manager in the tender phase
  • Every property management claims to be the best
  • We allow you the actual experience
  • Without additional costs
Online access for essential property management

Since 2008, all of our owners have access to all the essentials of the properties online around the clock. All current and important community documents can be viewed in our online archive at any time so you don't need to be in Barcelona to see what's the latest with your property.  
The condominium contract, utility reports, meeting minutes and resolutions will be made available to each owner of the property in question. The account information gives an overview of the financial status of the owner community.

Barcelona Property Management Process

We work out a "common thread " with you

For the orientation of the community and the caretaker a "red thread", as it were "the strategy of a community" is worked out. It is intended to enable longer-term planning and serve as the basis for non-recurring remedial work.

Reliable House management in Barcelona

The homeowner community can trust in a thorough and reliable implementation of all home management agendas. All requirements of the community and its owners are fulfilled on the basis of the legal conditions.

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CCE Head Office

Keizersgracht 23, Amsterdam, 1015CD, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

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CCE Head Office Keizersgracht 23, Amsterdam, 1015CD, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

+31 (6) 44 44 12 31

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