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Frequently Asked Questions

Fully-furnished, high-speed internet, fully equipped kitchens, a workspace, and all-inclusive of utilities.

Do I receive a tenancy agreement?

By Dutch law we issue a 12 months tenancy agreement. You can terminate this agreement at any time with one calendar month's notice. You can let us know your leaving date at anytime and we will inform the owner accordingly. Once you do so, it will then be possible that we get another booking any time after that. In this situation, we are always flexible and do what we can to help/find alternatives for you.

Can I register at the property?

Yes, you have to register at the address with the tenancy agreement. You can find out more about this process here.

Please note that you will receive 2 personal residential taxes (city water cleaning & drainage (waterschapsbelasting) and a garbage tax bill that you are responsible for. They usually charge you for 12 months and then you will need to claim it back if you do not stay for the complete year. In some cases you may qualify to be exempt from these taxes depending on your personal circumstances. To find out more please contact them directly on:
WaterNet: +31 889 39 4000
Gemeente Amsterdam: +31 20 624 1111

Please also make sure that your de-register when you leave the property.  

What can I expect at my serviced apartment?

All our units come inclusive of all bills and are entirely ready to live in with Wi-Fi, a fully equipped kitchen with appliances and utensils, washing facilities, iron, vacuum, fresh new linen and towels and will be deep cleaned prior to your arrival.

How to search for serviced apartments in Amsterdam?

You can search our available temporary accommodation in Amsterdam here. If you find something available for your dates that you like, then please send us an enquiry or email us on with the apartment and dates required.

What are the cancellation policies?

All bookings can be cancelled free of charge within 48 hours of confirming the booking, and on any date greater than one month prior to the arrival date. Cancellations made more than 48 hours after the booking and when the arrival date is within one month are charged a one-month cancellation fee equal to one month's rent.

What are the termination policies?

At any time a booking can be terminated but a one calendar month notice is required. For example, a booking cancelled on the 12th April will terminate on the 31st May.

When are payments due?

Upon booking, no payment is required. An invoice for the first month’s rent will be sent 3-4 weeks prior to the arrival date. If the booking is made within 3-4 weeks of the arrival date then an invoice will be sent 2-3 days after booking. In order to hold the booking, payment of the first month's rent should be made no later than 48 hours after receiving the invoice. The deposit can be paid any time before arrival or during check-in. Invoices for subsequent monthly rent payments will be sent one week before the payment due date.

How can payments be made?

We prefer tenants to make payments via bank transfer because this avoids transfer fees. Payments can also be made via credit card or any other payment merchant however, tenants are responsible for any transfer fees. 

Please send us the long number via our back office app messenger if you wish to pay via credit card. 

When you pay via credit card, our experience tells us to expect the following fees: Mastercard: 2.2% | Visa: 2.5% | AMEX: 3.5%

What can you expect at your serviced apartment?

  1. Entire, private, fully-furnished apartment ready to be lived in.
  2. Legal tenancy agreements for registration.
  3. All utilities paid (incl. applicable taxes related to the property).
  4. Clean delivery of property on the day of check-in including linen and towels.
  5. High speed Wi-Fi without data limitations or additional costs.
  6. A place in the apartment to work with a desk, chair and power points available
  7. A washing machine (or easy access to one).
  8. Two sets of keys, all kitchen utensils, cutlery and tea towels.
  9. All other essentials including hairdryer, iron and cleaning equipment.
  10. A welcome note complete with relevant instructions.

How do I prepare for check-in?

Upon booking an apartment, tenants will receive a booking confirmation containing:

  1. Access to our back office portal with booking and apartment information.
  2. Further apartment detail such as the address, WIFI, facilities.
  3. Ability to set their arrival time so we can meet them at the property.

In summary there are only two things tenants need to do before checkin

  1. Ensure the first months rent and deposit has been paid.
  2. Communicate your arrival time for us to meet you at the accommodation.

Do we verify the apartment standards before you arrive?

Yes, City Centre Retreat make the following insurances for our tenants:

  1. Check ALL properties and make improvements.
  2. Carry out a full Property Inspection Report during both Check-In & Check-Out. Reports will be sent to all parties.
  3. Clean and prepare the apartment with new linen and towels before check-in and during the stay.
  4. Act as the point of contact for all and any issues and arrange maintenance and repairs.

How does it work with the deposit?

All tenants must pay a deposit equal to one month's rent.

We produce a full property inspection report with signed photos during check-in and check-out.

-If a basic clean is required after checkout (up to 150 euros), then City Centre Retreat will return 100% of the deposit within 48 hours.

-Deductions from the deposit can only be used if there is damage or it is left un-reasonably dirty.

-Normal wear and tear can not be used to deduct from the deposit.

-It's very uncommon to deduct anything from the deposit, but we use it to encourage tenants to look after the property and leave it reasonably clean.

-If things get damaged, or we need to arrange a deep clean, tenants should let us know before checkout so we can make preparations to resolve matters and promptly return the deposit minus the costs.

-When you checkout, let us know which bank account you would like to receive the deposit sent back to.

Will the property be inspected during check-in and checkout?

Yes, during check-in and checkout, we produce an inspection report of the property.

This includes inventory of the main items, photos of the rooms and inside all units, draws, cupboards, keys, thermostat, boiler, meters, and storage rooms, and is signed by both the tenant and our agent and sent to all parties.

If there are specific items of value that the owner wishes for us to note then they should specify this to us prior to the check-in.  

Are all utilities included in the rent?

Yes, all utilities are included in the rent up to a reasonable cost stated on the rental agreement. Please do be energy conscious by making sure taps, lights and the heating is switched off when it is not needed.

Can we provide you with extra cleaning and linen/towels?

Yes, extra cleaning can be arranged at anytime with 4 days notice. There will be an extra charge for this depending on the condition of the apartment.

How do I prepare for checkout?

Leading up to your check-out date, you will receive several emails to help you prepare and one email from a member of staff asking at what time you would like to check-out. We will meet you at the apartment at this time to check the apartment and hand over the keys.

Are there any house rules in the apartments?

VVE (Term for Dutch Housing Associations) rules, if any, will be communicated during check-in. Generally, after-hours loud parties and smoking and recreational drugs are strictly forbidden on the property and we kindley request all our tenants to be respectful to the friendly to our beloved neighbours. 

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