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Rent homes to companies & receive 40% more income

Attract companies and corporate clients looking for furnished serviced apartments. Offer, operate and maintain your property with a proffessional team.


Create listing & receive candidate options

We find candidate options for properties owners to consider, approve or reject.
Candidate details will be provided (income, occupants, smokers, children, pret, employment, position and reason for stay.
If you approve the candidate, we proceed to step 2.


Go-Live: Amsterdam Property Management

-We collect passport details and enter into a ‘temporary’ tenancy agreement with the candidate. 
-We guarantee rental payments to the owner, paid on time every month regardless of if the client pays. 
-We carry out property inspections during check-in and check-out with pictures of which the tennant will sign. 
-Cleaning and maintenance will be resolved including issues with heating and electric systems, internet troubleshooting and leaks.   

Property Requirements

View checklist and find out if your apartment qualifies as a serviced accommodation.

List Your Property

Provide us the property information so we can find candidate options for you to consider.

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