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CCR support maintenance & services

We provide an array of services, maintenance & support  needed to operate and run serviced accommodation. Below you will find a complete list of these responsibilities in accordance to NL regulatory compliance.

Task Description
Services - Navigating Amsterdam Establishing client requirements and setting out expectations
Information on Amsterdam property market, rules, regulations and our process
General Amsterdam area information
Services - Securing Rentals Finding and suggesting available options
Checking and verifying properties if clients can not do viewings
Acquiring owner approvals and tenanncy agreement advise
Services - Relocating Property information, including garbage disposal and unit manual instructions
Municipal registration and residential tax requirement advise
Support - Cleaning and Laundry Cleaning during and after the tenants stay
Providing linen, towels and laundry services
Support - Ready to live items Buying and maintaining the items needed to ensure the property remains ready to live. These items include but are not limited to:
Mattress protection covers
Iron and iron board
Vacuum cleaner and cleaning equipment
Hair dryer
Kitchen utensils
Maintenance - Painting Whitewashing interior walls and ceilings
Painting interior woodwork
Wallpapering of interior walls
Maintenance - Preparatory work for painting Putties
Filling holes, dents
Sealing small shrinkage cracks
Maintenance - Small work Pinning of: banisters, doorknobs, Bumps, electrical switches, sockets, doorbells, floor grilles, ceiling grilles, keys to locks (inside and outside)
Maintenance - Parts and components house Renewal of: tips for the crane, crane parts, doorknobs, locks, hinges and locks, floor grilles, ceiling grilles, keys to locks (inside and outside), fittings for shower and toilet, toilet set, electrical switches, sockets, doorbells, cable connections, telephone connections, computer connections, parts of data networks
Maintenance - Hinges, locks, taps, etc. Oiling, lubricating or descaling movable parts
Maintenance - Freezing taps Prevent freezing of taps
Maintenance - Lamps New lamps (bulbs, spotlights, fluorescent tubes, etc.) in lighting on/off:
space for residents together, such as hall, staircase
outside of the house
Maintenance - Windows and built-in mirrors Replace damaged and broken windows and mirrors
Maintenance - Technical installations within the home Bleeding and topping up the central heating system
Restarting the heating system after a failure
Refresh filters
Cleaning grates
Maintenance - Draft protection Fastening and maintenance of material against drafts
Maintenance - Parts outside the home Including renewal of parts of letterbox, outdoor lamp, carport, flagpole holder
Maintenance - Gardens, grounds, driveways and partitions Make garden. When someone moves into the house for the first time
Maintenance on: garden, terrain, ramps, fence, hedge or wall
Maintenance - Chimneys, exhaust and ventilation ducts Cleaning, sweeping and unblocking if the tenant can reach it
Maintenance - Sewer Cleaning and unclogging of the indoor sewer. Up to the connection point from the house to the municipal sewer
Maintenance - Garbage chute. Garbage container room Keeping the garbage chute clean and unclogging it if necessary. Keeping the garbage container area clean. In both cases, insofar as it is accessible to the tenant
Maintenance - Home Keep clean
Maintenance - Windows, window frames, door frames, painted woodwork and other painted parts Washing and cleaning of: inside and outside of the windows, window frames, doorposts, painted woodwork and other painted parts.
Maintenance - Pests Remove fleas, ants, wasps, lice, mice
Maintenance - Gutters and storm drains Regular cleaning. Insofar as accessible to the tenant
Maintenance - Garbage lying around Remove regularly
Maintenance - Graffiti Remove graffiti. Except: if the costs are too high, if CCR cannot access it.
Maintenance - Sink and cesspits and septic tanks Empty sinkholes and cesspits. And septic tanks

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