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Buying Real Estate in Amsterdam

Our experienced management team offers a bespoke property consultation for all types of real state in Amsterdam from residential to commercial.

Lorenzo Rijper

CCE found the perfect project and sold it for me after my renovations. We are now looking for the next investment.

Gillian McMillan

In 2017 CCE found my ideal property to live in and helped me follow the correct process including to negotiate and greatdeal.

Edwin Wolcott

CCE found exactly what I needed in terms of property and condition for my BnB investment project in Amsterdam.

Steven Clifford

I've purchased 2 properties with CCE over the last 2 years and now rent them generating an 8% yield + equity .

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Buying Real Estate in Amsterdam

Buying property in Amsterdam can be complex, often time-consuming, emotion often plays a major role and negotiations can be difficult. Customization and knowledge in many areas are a prerequisite for successfully completing this process. 

Before we can search for the suitable real estate, we compile an inventory of the wishes and possibilities of the client. We usually meet with the client so that we can search more specifically for suitable units. Thanks to our extensive network, we often already know which properties will be for sale. We take the time to guide you through the entire process from the first meet ups to and including the transfer at the notary.

We are not only able to advise on the investment value and development potential, but also with legal (zoning plans), economic, social, architectural and environmental aspects. Naturally, we also conduct the negotiations with the seller. Our only goal is to guide you professionally to the purchase of your dream investment within these competitive conditions!

Amsterdam Real Estate Buying Services 

You are guided from A to Z in finding and buying real estate in Amsterdam. 

Searching and arranging viewings
Based on our knowledge of the neighborhoods and types of houses, your wishes will be specified in a search profile and you will receive a targeted range of opportunities. We let you decide from the various possibilities and then arranging and guiding you the viewings of various real estate. 

Inspection and investigation 
When a house meets your needs, a closer inspection of the house by us will follow. We will also consults all relevant information sources to obtain an expert opinion about the house and of course about the value and its potential

Negotiation and next steps
We'll then guide you through the possible next steps and represent your interests as a buyer when negotiating with the seller or the broker acting for the seller. The guidance covers the entire process up to and including the transfer of ownership (at the notary). 

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CCE Head Office Location

Keizersgracht 23, Amsterdam, 1015CD, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

+31 (6) 44 44 12 31

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