Amsterdam Rental Rate 2021

Posted: 1st February 2021 by James Evans


The average rental price in Amsterdam in the last quarter of 2020 was 22.08 euros per square meter. That is 6.8 percent less than a year earlier. This is evident from new figures from Pararius, which came out this week. Pararius looks at the rents that new residents pay and not at the increases for sitting tenants.

The decline is largely due to the corona crisis, which means that the city is attracting  fewer expats . These foreign workers often end up in rented houses and are generally able to pay higher prices. Landlords can ask more for an apartment or room because of this wide range of potential tenants. 

With expats staying away or even leaving, the supply of rental properties is increasing and demand is falling. This can also be seen in Amstelveen, which also attracts many foreign employees. There, rents in the private sector fell by more than eleven percent compared to a year earlier.

Rents in the Amsterdam free sector fell nearly 7% at the end of last year. This is the largest decrease that we have measured since our 2011 report. 

Renting under pressure

Rents in Amstelveen are still above average: 18.21 euros per square meter. In the Netherlands as a whole, rents in the free sector fell by 3.7 percent to 16.16 euros per square meter. The decline is strongest in the major cities.  

In Amsterdam, rents have been under pressure since the first quarter of 2020, when the corona pandemic broke out. The average rent is still highest in Centrum, at 23.29 euros per square meter, although it has fallen almost ten percent in one year. 

In Amsterdam, the fall in rent is visible in all districts, except for Southeast. There rents still rose, 2.4 percent to 17.40 euros. That is the lowest average rent in Amsterdam, but still well above the national average.

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