Amsterdam Property Point Count

The point count of your Amsterdam property can determine whether your unit is within the free sector of if you have rent restrictions.

Managing my rental rate in amsterdam

There are a number of rules in the Netherlands that you have to take into consideration when you want to rent out your property. The house must have a minimum number of points used by the Dutch government before you can decide how much rent to ask for. If your home does not meet this number of points, your home does not belong to the free sector and the maximum rent is determined by the scoring. 

It is very important that you know exactly what you can ask for your home. As a precautionary measure, we advise all our landlords to first have an extensive point count on your property. Because every situation and every home is different, a specialist will visit you to measure the property and see what facilities are available in the home that yield points. The maximum rent is determined on the basis of this information. 

If the score shows that your home is in the free sector, you are not bound by a maximum rent. Often we can inform you during the introductory meeting in the house whether your home is necessary or wise to have a scoring done. 

Making a point count including energy index of your home costs you € 200, - including 21% VAT, which is a small investment in relation to the problems it can generate.

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